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Feb 2020

Clinical Investigator Meeting

Miami, USA

Feb 2020

UK Roadshow

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Feb 2020

European Medical Congress

Florence, Italy

Jan 2020

UK Company Conference

Warwickshire, UK

Jan 2020

Incentive Programme


Jan 2020

European Sales & Marketing Conference


Jan 2020

European Annual Company Conference

Berlin, Germany

Mar 2020

Healthcare Summit

New York, USA

Apr 2020

Clinical Investigator Meeting

Tampa, USA

Apr 2020

European Retail Conference

Chantilly, France

Apr 2020

Global Medical Congress

Barcelona, Spain

Apr 2020

Global Incentive Programme

Puglia, Italy


We are not an agency with ready-made answers. Instead, we are a team of professional event strategists and planners who know better, who care, and who try harder than most. Together, we design experiences from concept to implementation.

It is fair to say that we have a genuine ‘go above and beyond’ customer service ethos, but we are also a hugely unassuming organisation. This mentality fuels our hunger to be the best, and thus serves you as well as us.

It is why we apply an almost forensic attention to detail in our proposals and the execution of our events. It is why we are agile, anticipating potential obstacles and diffusing them before they turn into real problems.

Plus, we start by gaining an exceptional understanding of our client base. However, we are not alone in the world of events. So to help you decide whether you’ve come to the right place, we’ll say this: we design and project-manage the implementation of complex events, globally.

We kick-start the creative work. We map the footprints for your live event. And then we make it all happen. So what are we then? A spark? A flame?



Strategically and commercially, we know exactly where we want to be. We know, because we’re on our way to get there.

But the one thing that matters most for you as our client, partner or collaborator is that we aim to be the very best. The chance you give us we treat as the only one.

It isn’t by size that you win or you fail… Be the best of whatever you are! — Douglas Malloch


This is where it gets the hardest to place a full-stop because we are on a continuum. And we don’t sell nuts. And we don’t sell pipe-dreams either. We design and implement event solutions.

Our services spark change. And there is no exact science to what your event could be, but what we can do is take out the guesswork from planning and give you some tangible solutions. Then, by using the right mix of services, we deliver your event.



The Team

You’ve just landed on
our hottest commodity:
our people.

They are not rocket scientists but they are stars in their own right. As such, nothing phases them and impossible is nothing in their minds. These are the people who help your event take off. They design it, fuel it and drive it to its maximum potential. Meet the Activate dream team.

They are assisted on a project basis by a skilled pool of specialists and project management assistants. We call them shooting stars.


We are looking for new team members and would be very keen to hear from Account Executives, aspiring Account Managers and recent graduates. If you have an eye for detail, a passion for events and are looking to further your career, please contact a member of the team at:


To learn more about these roles and to provide us with your CV.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Paul Bowie

Managing Director

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: paul@activateevents.com

Paul has been in the events industry for 25 years as an owner and director of both his own business and as a managing director of a mid sized PLC. Activate is a return to roots for Paul.

In 2011 he brought together the core of a terrific live events team and injected it with a purposeful direction. The past few years have seen the Activate team grow significantly into a successful business with an excellent track record in delivering seamless, meticulously organized events, with flair, versatility and a creative edge.

“Activate has flourished as a business because its service levels are second to none and because the entire Activate team are motivated, enthusiastic professionals with the experience and drive required to deliver live events at a the highest level.”

Paul is probably the most understated true leader in the UK events business. Paul leads his team in the office and very often on site too. And he is quietly determined to not compromise on his motto “to engage all parties to deliver the best”. Sounds ambitious, but Paul doesn’t see it that way. He just sees it as his job.


Ken Carter

Client Services

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: ken@activateevents.com

Formerly head of travel & events with a major global pharmaceutical company, Ken has over 20 years event management experience during which he has personally produced a wide range of events involving as many as 1500 delegates around the globe. Ken’s particular expertise lies in event strategy, content development and delegate engagement, helping clients to identify exactly how their events can communicate creatively and effectively with their audience so that they feel valued, inspired and enthused.

Ken thinks that “we really should be called master blenders! We’re always aiming for the perfect blend: a great venue, in a great location, with great content which makes our delegates go ‘Wow! I didn’t expect that!’” And at Activate we’re always perfecting the recipes for total event success.


Chris Wells

Business Development

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: chris.wells@activateevents.com

Chris has an extensive background in event creation, delivery and relationship development.

Passionate, dynamic and with a hunger to innovate, he looks to build programmes and experiences that communicate and inspire. Making it his mission to understand what makes a business tick, he helps organisations across the industry sectors to navigate a safe passage to success.

When he’s not obsessing over events and ‘challenging the conventional’ (as he likes to say), he has a wife and two beautiful daughters who keep him on the straight and narrow. Sometimes he even gets allowed time off for good behaviour to play sports or ride motorbikes.


Simon Edwardes

Event Director

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: simon.edwardes@activateevents.com

Simon has been working on projects for a wide range of corporate clients since the late 80’s. Having been Managing Director of his own successful agency for a number of years, he has recently joined the Activate team to bring his enthusiasm and a wider range of presentation delivery skills to support our client’s events.

Focusing mainly on 'getting the message across' and 'enjoying the job', he’s driven by solving the challenges that come with live events of all types and is working closely with the team to build deep and long term relationships with all our clients. Has worked across a wide range of industry sectors and all types of events and he spends much of his off-duty time playing tennis, listening to an 'eclectic' range of music and eating cheese and seafood, although not always together.


Louise Greig

Operations Director

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: louise@activateevents.com

Having planned and organised meetings and events for over 12 years, Louise has gained extensive experience in all aspects of event project management and planning, with particular focus on the pharmaceutical industry.

“When I worked in house at Novartis Pharmaceuticals I was given 6 weeks’ notice to plan 12 back-to-back 4 day long training events taking place all over the world. It was my responsibility to handle all of the logistics including the venue sourcing and delegate management.

It was huge test on my planning skills and for 5 months it took over my life but I was immensely proud of the end result.”

Louise is passionate about creating a truly perfect experience for the delegate and a seamless journey for the client. She is her happiest “when the core team of colleagues and event partners are clearly focused and excited on delivering the best for the client and the delegate.”


Tim Weston

Production Director

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: tim.weston@activateevents.com

Tim has worked in the events industry for over 25 years, both agency and in house. Tim's specific experience includes not only the elements of technical and creative event production, but also print and design production, web based marketing and database management.

Tim currently directs our Accenture relationship, together with being involved with the technical aspects of a lot of our major projects. He’s also, in the past, managed events for organisations as diverse as Business Link, Mars, Clarks, Peugeot and Kodak as well as the Variety Club and the British Olympic Association.

Tim is married with two children and, when not spending time with his family, he likes reading and cooking but, as an avid technophile, he can often be found playing with his gadgets.


Rob Hyde

Creative Designer

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: rob@activateevents.com

A creative designer / art director leading design, creative development and photographic art direction for major entertainment brands and retail promotions, from packaging design, product launch advertising, wall graphics, large format outdoor displays to trade press.

An enviable list of previous clients including Warner Bros., HBO, Universal, Paramount, BBC, ITV, SKY, Electronic Art Games, Louisiana Tech (Bulldogs) Football and Kingfisher/Comet retailers.


Rachael White

Account Director

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: rachael@activateevents.com

Rachael started her career in events in 1992 after receiving a diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management and following a period of work in hotels in the US and the UK. This experience culminated with Rachael running her own successful agency for a number of years.

Rachael prides herself on her endless enthusiasm for all the events she is responsible for. “As an event management professional I love being hands on.

I enjoy the chance to think creatively and I am always keen to go the extra mile to make the more challenging aspects work out.

What I love most about Activate is that we have quite a range of characters in the team, however I think what we all have in common is that we give our clients realistic promises and yet deliver beyond expectation.”


Laura Leahy

Account Manager

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: laura@activateevents.com

Laura endeavors to bring the ‘wow factor’ to all of her events, ensuring that every attendee and client walks away feeling like they have experienced something new.
Laura’s passion for event logistics grew from her work at events such as Goodwood Revival, N.A.S.C. and Edinburgh Fringe Festival during university. She excelled in her degree in Drama and Theatre arts, choosing to focus on the technical and company management aspects of the course. The knowledge and experience she has gained not only provides a refined understanding of logistics management but also a strong knowledge base of all audio-visual and production management requirements to suit a variety of situations.

Throughout her 10 years working within the events industry, she has worked with companies such as RBS, Espirito Santo, Gartner UK Limited, Oracle and many more, managing events all over the world. Laura is solution driven and likes to think of new and innovative ways of enhancing the events she manages, maintaining: ‘I never see a challenge, but an opportunity’.
As a self confessed ‘tech-geek’ Laura delights in bring the most cutting edge experiences to the events that she manages when she can.
All of this combined with a love of detail, budgets, brand creativity and operational logistics means she is a great fit for the professional and innovative Activate team and for our clients.


Sarah Long

Account Manager

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: sarah@activateevents.com

Sarah has a degree in Accounting from the Aston University so budget management is a breeze. We expect little to escape her eagle eyes in terms of accuracy, cost-effectiveness and negotiations!

But worry not, as well as being savvy with numbers Sarah is also a true team player having taken part in her university’s Team Challenge to Borneo. And as part of the Students’ Guild, Sarah has also acted as an Aston Student Ambassador, has been the Hockey Club Kit Secretary and Chair and Treasurer of the student activities.

In between Aston and Activate, Sarah was involved in the world of business-to-business events and has cross sector experience having worked for the Macmillian Cancer Support Trust and in the IT industry in an event management capacity.

Her event experience is well-rounded, with knowledge of administration requirements, delegate management (SalesForce) and registration, budget management (Agresso, Sage, SalesForce, Excel), client, venue and supplier liaison, on-site management and post event reporting.

Sarah is a highly regarded member of the team, with responsibility for a variety of events.


Liz Pim

Project Manager

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: liz.pim@activateevents.com

Liz is a driven and passionate Project Manager who will get the job done for you. Having worked in Medical Communications for the Pharmaceutical Industry, Liz has the compliance knowledge to ensure your event will tick all the required boxes. With experience of the rules, but with her flare for creativity and knowing how to engage an audience, Liz is the person you need managing your event.

Liz studied Film at the University of Kent, Canterbury and then went on to coordinate office moves and help make the most efficient and effective use of space. Being professional and personable enables her to work closely with the client, strengthening relationships and giving the confidence and reassurance the team will deliver an exceptional event.

Travelling is one of Liz’s passions with no two holidays being the same, even if to the same location. Let Liz open your eyes, as hers have been to the possibilities of travel and events.


Melody Beveridge

Project Manager

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: melody.beveridge@activateevents.com

Melody has been working in events for 4 years including conferences, exhibitions and gala dinners in the UK and internationally for the Drinks industry, Mining industry and for a UK Charity.
Prior to this Melody obtained a degree in Theatre at the University of Winchester and worked as a Stage Manager in the West End before finding her true passion working in events.
Melody brings a flair of creativity and enjoys the logistics element of her role, but don’t worry she also has a background in corporate finance which means she is a stickler for figures and is able to keep budgets firmly on track.

To further her knowledge and develop her skills, Melody successfully obtained the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner qualification in Project Management in 2018.
Melody is driven and takes pride in her work, ‘I really care about every event I work on, and the team around me. So much work goes into an event, it is all worth it at the end when the client is happy and as a team you have made that happen’.
Melody loves to be organised and take on new challenges, she also enjoys travelling and spending sunny days back where she grew up in Bournemouth.


Megan Whitty

Account Executive

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: megan.whitty@activateevents.com

Megan joins us an Account Executive and will play a key role in supporting the operational coordination and delivery of our events.
Megan has had nine years of working in industry, with her most recent role as account manager for a telecommunications company in Portsmouth. Activate is a new and exciting challenge for Megan. She loves to work as part of a team, and prides herself on her enthusiasm to satisfy client’s needs. She is a hardworking and dedicated individual, with a passion for organisation and meeting new people, which makes for a great fit as an account executive in the field of Events Management.

Megan is delighted to have joined Activate, having recently returned from a 6 month South East Asian adventure where she visited Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Kuala Lumpur, followed by a month travelling down the west coast of North America.


Jade Bayley

Account Executive

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: jade.bayley@activateevents.com

Jade joins the Activate team as an Account Executive, supporting our operational team with the planning and delivery of events around the globe.
Jade graduated from Bournemouth University in November 2016, where she studied for 4 years and attained a degree in Event Management, after which she embarked upon a 5-month adventure visiting Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. This experience together with her time at university instilled her passion for travel & events – and she is now lucky enough to do it every day.

Jade is very hard-working and distinguishes success in client’s happiness. She loves working within a team and is always eager to help and learn whenever possible. She is now excited to see where her Activate adventure will take her next!


Sarah Hipkiss

Account Executive

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: sarah.hipkiss@activateevents.com

Sarah has joined the company after studying International Hospitality Management at Bournemouth University. After which she went traveling round Centre America for two months, visiting Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico.
She is an active person outside work and enjoys playing netball with her local team.

Sarah realised her passion for events early on and was only made fonder throughout University and during her placement year working at The Grand Hotel Brighton where she worked in a variety of departments. Activate is a great first job after coming out from University offering lots of opportunity inside the workplace.

Sarah quickly appreciates working as a close team, keeping busy with a variety of tasks and learnt how important it is too be organised with her job role. Her favorite part of events so far is being onsite in the hustle and bustle of the action.


Birgit Peelman

Financial Administrator

Call me: +44 (0)1293 608750
E-mail me: birgit@activateevents.com

Activate’s bookkeeper and financial administrator, Birgit (known as Bibi) ventured into the finance field of accounting, budgets and VAT after a diverse working background ranging from recruitment consultant to content writer for financial compliance conferences. Originally from Gent, Belgium Bibi decided to stay in the UK after extensive travelling and meeting her Mr Right.

Accuracy, timeliness and standardised processes do make a difference to Bibi’s work. She is also prepared to advise team members on the most efficient way to structure the event in order to ensure the end result is not hindered by financial oversights. Her eye for detail and trouble-shooting ability is worthy of her much-loved fictitious countryman, Detective Poirot!



To achieve this, we behave rather like a nomadic tribe, constantly on the move, travelling the globe to meet clients and suppliers, whilst seeking out emerging destinations, hot, new venues and latest technologies to create the perfect canvas for your event.

You should be very pleased, everyone across our organisation wants to work with you. — Global Head of Category Management

This is one thing we can’t
get enough of: quality events,
well-designed and well-delivered.



As we travel the world and deliver events, we also learn…continually. It’s a non-stop process of advancement and innovation, building knowledge and expertise to make your experience with us valuable, interesting, even thought-provoking, as we trust our blog will testify.

Your expertise touched more areas of our business than we could possibly have imagined, so all we can say is a heartfelt THANK YOU!

Destination Highlight – The Vatican, a city within a city.

Experience Rome, a treasure trove of iconic art, ancient artefacts and the home of the Catholic Church. It features a must-see city-state plotted in the middle and is the only location on earth where a country is found within a city!

Find out about its history and much more, by clicking on the thumbnail below, to view or download our recent Destination Highlight brochure!

Alternatively, contact us on hello@activatevents.com or call +44 (0)1293 608750 so we can help to Activate Your Event!


Five Incentive Ideas from the Land of Fire & Ice

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