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Global Leadership Meeting

The Brief

Whilst at the smaller end of the spectrum in comparison with some of our other international events, this project was no less important and required considerable attention to detail and creativity to meet the brief.

This was a follow-on from our successful launch projects in Lisbon and Singapore and our challenge was to create a themed breakout which enabled our client to showcase the outstanding success of their new diagnostic instrument to the company’s global leadership team.

The venue was already in place and our client team had been allocated a specific meeting room (on the 7th floor of the venue!) to create their showcase which would be visited by all of the participating delegates in a series of workshops over the course of the 2-day conference.

"We couldn't have been more thrilled with this outcome and your exceptional partnership!"

Our Solution

A combination of intimacy, strong vibrant colours, innovative use of technology and flexible programme content was the key to success.

We therefore built on the strong branding that had been created for the launch of the instrument, taking the core colours and blending these with the established central theme for the leadership meeting.

We built a fully branded “room within a room” to create an immersive environment for the workshops and since these were small groups, the false walls enabled us to keep the AV control and production crew out of sight during the sessions which enhanced the intimacy of the setting.

Since the new instrument is over 2m high and weighs 700kg it was both too large and too heavy to bring into the venue, so we utilised 3D projection mapping to create two life-sized replicas on either side of the central stage area.  The effect of this was so striking that at first glance, some delegates believed we’d genuinely installed real instruments in the room.

The ‘replica instruments’ also doubled as the backdrop for relevant PPT and video presentations during the workshop whilst 3 x 85” LED plasmas were mounted in the false walls for displaying the client’s new product marketing campaign.

A bold, dramatic stage floor and set backdrop which were created using a 40-times magnification ‘tissue stain image’ from the instrument itself to highlight the brilliant clarity of image that it produces to aid the accurate diagnosis of a range of cancer-types.

Finally, bespoke, white furniture in the form of arm chairs for the panel and stylish, contemporary ‘swan’ chairs for the delegates completed the creative concept.

A well prepared and rehearsed workshop programme comprising informal, expert panel discussion and audience Q&A supported by videos, and selected PPT content ensured that delegates remained fully engaged throughout each session.

As an additional requirement for this project, we developed the creative concept for the client’s exhibition booth which was installed at the conference tradeshow.  The concept reflected the 3 key pillars of the business unit’s global strategy and was deployed as a 5m x 3m backdrop to create a striking visual identity alongside the other business unit booths.

Branded folders were designed and produced to support handout material and as an additional creative touch we produced scratch cards which were issued to delegates to encourage them to visit the booth in order to win one of a number of excellent prizes being offered by the client team.

The Outcome

“I cannot thank you enough or more greatly express my appreciation for all of your efforts, creativity and partnership!”

“Thanks  for your tremendous support again! I think the meeting was a huge success, thanks to your support. The room looked beautiful and the execution was excellent.”

“We couldn’t have been more thrilled with this outcome and your exceptional partnership!”  

We think the above feedback from our client’s leadership team rather sums it up!