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Diagnostics EMEA & APAC Launch Project

The Brief

After winning an extensive 5-way tender, our brief was to assist our US-based client with the organisation of two regional product launch & training conferences in Europe and Asia.

Lisbon and Singapore were chosen as the two destinations and our biggest logistical challenge was that the product being launched was a brand new diagnostic instrument which was over 2m high and weighed in at a mighty 700kg.

Therefore, each venue had to be capable of accommodating the on-site access and installation of the instrument as a key part of the launch programme.

Other key responsibilities included theme development & visualisation, event app, keynote guest speaker and full on-site production & delivery of the event in each destination.

It was therefore important that the theme and meeting content were executed seamlessly across both meetings to ensure consistency in messaging and event quality.

"Seamless" was our client's immediate response

Our Solution

This was a complex project with a number of stakeholders here in Europe as well as Asia and in various locations in the US, requiring considerable flexibility in working with our clients’ busy schedules and varying time zones.

Therefore, being available outside of normal office hours to respond during our client’s business day in the US and Singapore was an important requirement for this project.

Regular conference calls, two face to face meetings and well-planned site inspections drew all of the event planning together in a timely and consistent manner and ensured everything was comfortably in place before we arrived on site.

Our strong event theme, ‘The Quest’ perfectly linked together the client’s internal pre-launch communication & training programme with the planned external marketing campaign for the new instrument, combining both consistent messaging with use of the client’s purple & pink colour base.

All event collateral including website, venue branding, PPT template, delegate materials and the event app were all carefully designed in line with the theme to bring it to life and create a consistent, creative platform for both events.

We also produced two video programmes to open each event and to “reveal” the new instrument to the assembled audience, both of which were developed in-house, starting from initial ‘sketch’ ideas to story-boarding and full production into stirring final programmes with dramatic impact which made the hairs stand up on the back of the neck.

The event programmes included keynote presentations from the client’s global management team and key customers, with lively panel discussions and interactive workshops in which delegates eagerly immersed themselves to ensure they were equipped to sell the product across the EMEA & APAC markets after each event.

The event app was hugely popular, creating a real live community amongst the international audience, as well as being a key forum questions & discussions during the meeting.

Creative interventions in the form of energisers such as Boomwhackers and superb after-dinner speech by Atlantic rower & adventurer Debra Searle, added spice & variety to the meeting which kept delegates fully energised and engaged.

Our spectacular launch of the instrument included carefully choreographed videos, kabuki reveal, indoor pyrotechnics and laser light show, all set to powerful music which wowed the delegates and took them completely by surprise…which was just what the client wanted.

The Outcome

“Seamless” was our client’s immediate response – indeed they were so pleased with our management of the project that at the de-brief meetings we genuinely struggled to find things that needed to be improved or done differently.

The product itself is proving to be a huge success with demand considerably higher than the sales forecast and the Activate team is delighted to have contributed to such an outstandingly successful launch project.